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Medicinal Chemical Facilities

UWCCC Small Molecule Screening Facility (SMSF) and Medicinal Chemistry Core Facility

Institution University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research
Contact Name Frank Kotch
Contact Email
Main Website Visit Main Website
Hit Selection and Optimization Services - Hit Triage
- Analog Synthesis
- Structure-based Drug Design
Other Hit Selection and Optimization Services
Lead Selection and Optimization Services - Custom-Designed Analog Synthesis
Other Lead Selection and Optimization Services
Scale-up Synthetic Capabilities for Hits/Analogs
Can the facility support in silico screening? Yes
Is the facility open to projects not affiliated with host institution? No
Is data collected in this facility publicly available? Varies by project
Additional Comments Mission: To provide accessible chemistry expertise to university investigators and outside collaborators, thus facilitating and expediting research at the interface of chemistry and the biological sciences. Services: Custom synthesis and focused chemical libraries Scale-up synthesis Isolation/purification of natural products Analytical characterization/structure determination Compound sourcing and acquisition SAR library design Consulting Management of the UW Discovery Library YOU HAVE ALREADY MADE THE COMPOUNDS, SO LET'S SEE WHAT THEY CAN DO! The UWCCC Small Molecule Screening Facility (SMSF) and Medicinal Chemistry Core Facility invite you to submit your compounds to the UW Discovery Library (UWDL). The purpose of the UWDL Program is to compile a collection of novel UW compounds into a format for high-throughput screening at the SMSF. These compounds may be acquired through synthesis or isolation from natural sources at UW. The UWDL will be accessible to all groups on campus who wish to screen at the SMSF, with the goal of finding new and interesting activities for these compounds. There will be no cost for donating to the UWDL. By simply donating compounds or extracts, providers open the door to alternate avenues of research and potentially fruitful collaborations within the university. The UWDL is intended to seed and expedite discoveries on campus, establish unexpected and unknown connections across scientific disciplines, and inspire collaborations that lead to interdisciplinary research projects and programs. To submit compounds, please contact Frank Kotch: or 263-2644.