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Medicinal Chemical Facilities

The Medicinal Chemistry Group (MCG)

Institution University of Missouri-St. Louis
Contact Name John Walker, Director, Medicinal Chemistry Group
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Hit Selection and Optimization Services - Computational Filtering
- Analog Synthesis
Other Hit Selection and Optimization Services he Medicinal Chemistry Group at UMSL can provide a wide array of services to meet your research needs. Synthesis of research or tools compounds Strategy, design and synthesis of new molecules Lead optimization employing sophisticated SAR (structure activity relationships) tools and structure based design principles Targeted library design and synthesis (up to 250 membered libraries) Medicinal chemistry strategies to achieve superior ADMET properties Scale-up synthesis of lead compounds/advanced intermediates (multi-gram quantities) Custom synthesis Consultation for process development/route optimization Patent analysis The Medicinal Chemistry Group possesses a full complement of synthesis, purification and analytical tools to ensure high quality results. Chromatography (normal and reverse phase) LC-MS capabilities High-pressure reactions/hydrogenations Parallel Chemistry Low temperature reactions Chiral Synthesis (auxiliaries or catalysts) Metal catalyzed cross-couplings Reductive aminations Peptide couplings
Lead Selection and Optimization Services - Custom-Designed Analog Synthesis
Other Lead Selection and Optimization Services
Scale-up Synthetic Capabilities for Hits/Analogs
Can the facility support in silico screening? No
Is the facility open to projects not affiliated with host institution? No
Is data collected in this facility publicly available? Varies by project
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