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Medicinal Chemical Facilities

The Medicinal Chemistry and Compound Synthesis Core Facility

Institution Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute-Lake Nona
Contact Name Gregory Roth, Facility Director
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Hit Selection and Optimization Services - Hit Triage
- Analog Synthesis
Other Hit Selection and Optimization Services Synthesis of small molecule reference compounds from milligram to multi-gram scale. Evaluation of structure-activity relationships (SAR), based on biological assay results, and next step decisions for progressing a project forward. Design and synthesis of chemical libraries for hit and lead identification, as well as diversity libraries based on a structural theme. Analog synthesis and lead optimization targeting the improvement of potency, physiochemical, and pharmacokinetic properties. Synthesis of custom organic reagents and synthetic intermediates. Acquisition, isolation, and identification of natural products. Design, development, and synthesis of tagged, covalently modifying, and ‘pull-down’ probe molecules. Design and synthesis of small molecules conjugated to antigenic proteins for antibody development. Analytical Chemistry Verification of the structural identity and purity of samples. 1H and 13C NMR with 1D and 2D spectra acquisition and multinuclear capability. HPLC and LC/MS (single quadrupole, triple quadrupole and TOF) analysis. Normal, chiral and reverse phase chromatography separations on analytical and/or preparative scales. High resolution mass spectrometry for accurate mass determination.
Lead Selection and Optimization Services - Custom-Designed Analog Synthesis
Other Lead Selection and Optimization Services
Scale-up Synthetic Capabilities for Hits/Analogs
Can the facility support in silico screening? Yes
Is the facility open to projects not affiliated with host institution? No
Is data collected in this facility publicly available? Varies by project
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