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Medicinal Chemical Facilities

Center for Drug Design and Development (CD3)

Institution University of Toledo
Contact Name Paul Erhardt, Director CD3; Professor Med Chem
Contact Email
Main Website
Hit Selection and Optimization Services - Hit Triage
- Patent Analysis
- Computational Filtering
- Analog Synthesis
- Structure-based Drug Design
- Fragment-based Drug Design
Other Hit Selection and Optimization Services
Lead Selection and Optimization Services - Custom-Designed Analog Synthesis
- Solubility Assessment
- Protein Binding Assessment
- Microsomal Stability Assessment
- Permeability Assessment
- Pharmacokinetic Studies
- In Vivo Efficacy Studies
- Drug Metabolism Studies
- In Vitro Toxicology Studies
Other Lead Selection and Optimization Services
Scale-up Synthetic Capabilities for Hits/Analogs 100 g
Can the facility support in silico screening? Yes
Is the facility open to projects not affiliated with host institution? Yes
Is data collected in this facility publicly available? Varies by project
Additional Comments Either do directly (as noted above) or have establised ties to all other resources needed to bring a small molecule technology from hypothesis to the stage of an IND submission. Have done this successfuly for an (eventually out-licensed) agent now undergoing advanced clinical testing.