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Community and access are two critical and distinctive hallmarks of SLAS.  The Society embraces popular social media outlets to facilitate connections, discussion, Q & A, and groupthink among members of our global, networked community.  SLAS social media functions like highly productive lab meetings, where ideas flow and gain traction through the knowledgeable input of others. But, they run around the clock, and you don’t have to sit in a hard chair. Join the discussion today!

SLAS LinkedIn
An interesting manuscript, a puzzling question, an “aha” moment. Share your thoughts and invite input. Check the multiple SLAS subgroups for specialized areas of interest.

SLAS LinkedIn Europe
The place where conversation and content intersects, where you can get answers to your questions, share your expertise – anytime, anywhere.

SLAS Facebook
Photos, facts and fun about SLAS and its interesting members. Also check the SLAS e-zine Facebook page.

SLAS Twitter
Deadlines and details from SLAS and important influencers in the laboratory science and technology space. We'll keep you up to date on what's going on in and around SLAS including highlights from the annual international conference and exhibition.

SLAS YouTube
A picture is worth a thousand words. Interesting, instructional, informative and fun videos can be found on the SLAS YouTube Channel.

SLAS Instagram
Get to know what our community is all about. View photos and videos of our conferences and events through the lenses of the SLAS Professional Team.