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Our global community just got a little closer with CONNECTED, the SLAS online networking center. CONNECTED is where SLAS Premier Members can go to ask questions, find collaborators, help someone answer their question, talk about a new technology or trend, find answers and generally get to know the breadth and depth of the SLAS membership. It’s like crowdsourcing with people you can trust.

Basic Members can log in and participate in Special Interest Group communities, but will not be able to participate in conversations within the Premier Members community.  If you like what you see and want to participate, join SLAS and get CONNECTED.

So far, we’ve created communities for:

  • All Premier MembersLog in and start a conversation with the global community!
  • Select SLAS Committees for members of those committees to use as an online workspace. Log in (your member/committee status will allow you access to only those committees of which you are an official member), share a document, start a discussion between committee conference calls.
  • Select Special Interest GroupsLog in and join a special interest group. Then start a discussion about a specific area of professional interest and get answers. We’ve started with the LinkedIn discussion groups that were most active.
  • More to come in 2019...

CONNECTED conversations are online discussion groups and SLAS expects that every participant will treat each other with respect and engage politely and professionally. Please read the Terms and Conditions, which includes the CONNECTED Privacy Policy, before participating. SLAS does not allow anonymous posts because the goal of CONNECTED is to connect, collaborate and expand our network. Likewise, we reserve the right to remove a member’s access to CONNECTED if their online behavior is offensive or unprofessional. We do not and will not exercise editorial control over anyone’s posts but reserve the right to remove a post in the event it is offensive or risks harming another person or entity.

Need Help? Use the CONNECTED Contact Us form or email SLAS Membership Coordinator Suanne Determan.


CONNECTED online communities provides a unique online platform for the SLAS community to start a conversation, respond to questions, share files or resources, view upcoming events, find new collaborators or others with a particular skill set or expertise. CONNECTED  extends the dynamic networking opportunities of our in-person events to a 24/7/365 platform.

SLAS Premier Plus Members can build their network, gain trusted collaborators and find answers to questions through online peer-to-peer networking. It also provides members with access to targeted resources and information through CONNECTED libraries.

CONNECTED is a member benefit included with all Premier Membership fees. Basic members will have limited access to Special Interest Groups and limited capability to participate in other communities.

A Premier Member can update their profile, post a discussion topic, post resources to the Community Library, and ask questions within the community space in CONNECTED. Basic Members may only participate in Special Interest Group communities, view other communities but cannot participate in CONNECTED conversations.



Click the “Log In” navigation button on the home page of CONNECTED. It will direct you to MySLAS on the SLAS website. CONNECTED is an SLAS Premier Member benefit and will require you to log in with your member username and password to enable access to the Communities that are available to you.

As with any log in opportunity, you can request your username at MySLAS.

You can request a password reset at MySLAS – SLAS will not send your existing password to you via email.

To join CONNECTED and get full access privileges, you need to join SLAS as a Premier Member. You’ll be joining a multidisciplinary organization of accomplished scholars, scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs, who are creative problem solvers and generous collaborators. Join SLAS to reap the full benefits of CONNECTED and so much more!

There are volunteer led SLAS Committees on CONNECTED that are exclusive to members of that committee. We encourage you to consider volunteering for an SLAS Committee, but Premier membership is required. Click here to view volunteer opportunities.

Post to the General Discussion: SLAS Premier Members community. You'll reach the widest possible audience. Or email SLAS Membership Coordinator Suanne Determan. We have lots of new communities planned but we would love to hear your idea for a new community!

Most Communities will have a Library associated with it for sharing files, including multimedia, in a targeted environment. All content can be viewed directly on Library Entry pages. Reminder: When posting items in our collaborative environment, please indicate if the item is not available for reuse. It’s also advisable to post only content that belongs to you or was authored by you. Do not repost material if you do not have permission to share it. You may link to the URL of the original document in any post.


You can access and view or create Library Entries through the “Browse” navigation button on the home page. You can also view Library Entries on the home page in “Latest Shared Files” or within discussion posts.

We recommend you use the “view draft” option before posting your question or conversation. You will have the right to remove any post you’ve created. However, in doing so, responses to this post may also be deleted, removing content for everyone in the community. SLAS will not delete a post without written justification for doing so and only after investigating the concern or issue ourselves. Email Membership Coordinator Suanne Determan if you have any concerns about a post.