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Special Issues & Collections: Widely Read & Highly Cited


SLAS Discovery and SLAS Technology invite proposals from interested guest editors for collections of five to seven original scientific reports that collectively explore the different dimensions, recent achievements and existing challenges related to a timely topic of interest and importance to SLAS journal readers.


Upcoming Special Issues

Flexible Analytical Devices for Point-of-Care Testing (SLAS Technology, 2020)
Advances in Cellular Target Engagement and Target Deconvolution (SLAS Discovery, 2020)
Carbohydrate Structure Analysis: Methods and Applications (SLAS Technology, 2020)
Functional Genomics for Target Identification (SLAS Discovery, 2020) Currently accepting proposals
Early Drug Discovery Approaches with More Physiologically Relevant Targets (SLAS Discovery, 2021) Currently accepting proposals
Hit Discovery Methodology (SLAS Discovery, 2021) Currently accepting proposals
AI in Process Automation (SLAS Technology, 2021) Currently accepting proposals
Advances in Protein Degradation (SLAS Discovery, 2021)









High-Content Screening
Collaborative 3D Printing Technologies
Innovative Screening Methodologies to Identify New Compounds for the Treatment of Central Nervous System Disorders
Advances in Mass Spectrometry Within Drug Discovery
Advancing Scientific Innovation with Acoustic Droplet Ejection



In 2017, after 21 years of publication as the Journal of Biomolecular Screening (JBS) and the Journal of Laboratory Automation(JALA), the official journals of SLAS changed their names to SLAS Discovery (Advancing Life Sciences R&D) and SLAS Technology (Advancing Life Sciences Innovation).

Together, these journals enable life sciences researchers to:

  • Gain scientific insights
  • Increase productivity
  • Elevate data quality
  • Reduce process cycle times
  • Conduct research and development that otherwise would be impossible

Backed by the high-quality education standards of SLAS. Rigorously peer-reviewed. PubMed:Medline-indexed. NO article processing charges (APCs) for regular publication. Open access options are available.

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