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JALA Reader's Choice Award Winners

2010 JALA Readers' Choice Award Winner: "Development of an Improved Scheduling Algorithm for Lab Test Operations on a Small-Size Bio Robot Platform" by Seung Hoon Shin, Byung June Choi, Sung Moo Ryew, Jung Woo Kim, Dae Shick Kim, Wan Kyun Chung, Hyouk Ryeol Choi, Ja Choon Koo (From JALA 15.1 February 2010)

2009 JALA Readers' Choice Award Winner: "Automation and Expert Systems in a Core Clinical Chemistry Laboratory" by George S. Streitberg, Phillip T. Bwititi, Lyndall Angel and Kenneth A. Sikaris (From JALA 14.2 April 2009)

2007 JALA Readers' Choice Award Winner: "The Ibis T5000 Universal Biosensor: An Automated Platform for Pathogen Identification and Strain Typing" by David J. Ecker, et al. (From JALA 11.6 December 2006)

2006 JALA Readers' Choice Award Winner: "The Use of Dual Dye Photometric Calibration Method to Identify Possible Sample Dilution from an Automated Multichannel Liquid Handling System" by Huijin Dong, Zheng Ouyang, Jane Liu, and Mohammed Jemal of Bristol-Myers Squibb. (From JALA 11.2 April 2006)

2005 JALA Readers' Choice Award Winner: "Comparison of Absorbance and Fluorescence Methods for Determining Liquid Dispensing Precision" by Jonathan Peters and Jeanne Nguyen of Molecular Devices. (From JALA 10.2 April 2005)