Meet Ying Yang

LBD Life Sciences Ltd.

Our involvement with SLAS has played a great part in my company's success.

"It's an avenue for collaboration, partnership, and opportunity."

"The level of diversity in the sciences you get exposed to are the kind you wouldn't normally consider in the screening and automation field."

Meet Tina Garyantes


At SLAS, engineers and biologists learn from each other, and really advance interdisciplinary fields.

Meet Melissa Lynn Crisp

Eli Lilly & Co.

SLAS is exceptional for merging basic and translational research at the interface of state-of-the-art technology and automation.

"The biggest benefit of SLAS is in networking, forging professional relationships with people that's been invaluable to me."

"The strongest benefit of SLAS is the ability for us to harness science, research, and technology from a huge spectrum of different areas we've never talked to before."

Meet Jonathan O'Connell

FORMA Therapeutics

SLAS is a great learning experience and a great place to share knowledge.

"SLAS really helps me to continue to learn, which is really difficult when you're isolated within your own company. I like the ability to really be able to network and share."

"If you want to be up-to-date in your field you absolutely have to be involved with SLAS."

Meet Bob Campbell

Eli Lilly & Co.

SLAS is a conglomeration of disciplines, all of whom work together seamlessly to help humankind.

Meet Dana Vanderwall

Bristol-Myers Squibb

SLAS is a community. That makes it very different from your average tradeshow or scientific meeting.

"SLAS as an entity is a unique location that brings together laboratory automation and the ultimate end users which are the screeners. They have a combination that you will not find anywhere else"

"SLAS is a great place to keep up with the field and what's new in the area."

Meet John Bradshaw


I find SLAS is the best place for new potential technologies, for new partners and for new ideas to learn where people need help for what they are doing in the lab.

Meet Marc Bickle

Max Planck Institute

SLAS is essential for anyone who is involved in screening - be it in automation, cell biology or analytics.

Meet Sara Thrall


The strongest benefit of SLAS is the ability to harness science, research and technology from a huge spectrum of different areas.

Meet Hansjoerg Haas

Thermo Fisher Scientific

SLAS is an avenue for collaboration, partnerships and opportunity.

Meet Kuang He


SLAS brings together the latest technologies and the best and brightest people.