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SLAS Transformed 2020

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This unique and interactive SLAS event focused on 'Omics, Synthetic Biology and Genome Editing along with applicable implications for the current pandemic. Join us June 23-24, 2020, for 30-minute scientific research presentations, followed by live exhibitor presentations and one-on-one networking including participation incentives for attendees! 

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Synthetic Biology

The world has passed through the raw materials, oil, and energy economies, and has now embarked on something new: the ability to revolutionize the practice of science and production through manipulation of organisms at the genetic level. Speakers at SLAS Transformed utilize tools like CRISPR, RNA-Seq, and gene silencing to treat immune diseases, develop new diagnostic paradigms, and change how drugs are produced. Attendees will gain new knowledge around how to deliver gene therapies using edited antibodies, produce living circuits and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic through gene detection.

‘Omics – Measurement Matters

At the heart of this new wave of computationally-enhanced biology is the ability to track, interpret and predict changes in multiple health-related systems. At SLAS Transformed, speakers will discuss ‘omics of the vanishingly small – at the single-cell level – or expansive, such as population genomics tracking diseases over time. Attendees will learn about instrumentation to assist their ‘omics campaigns as well as ultrasensitive diagnostics based on protein and genetic biomarkers.

Pandemic Preparation

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a stand-still; in over 100 years, humanity has not faced something quite so transmissible or generally lethal to all populations simultaneously. The SLAS community has marshalled expertise in screening, diagnostic development, vaccine testing and data analysis to face this challenge. Speakers at SLAS Transformed will discuss digital, diagnostic, and SynBio approaches to pandemic resolution, including development of CRISPR-based detection strategies, contact tracing networks, AI-informed drug design, and open-source repurposing campaigns. Attendees will learn new approaches to tackling the coronavirus and preparing the populace for future viral challenges.

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Transformed 2020 Scientific Session Presenters

In vivo Delivery of Nucleic Acids, Genome Editing Tools and Cells
Daniel Anderson, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemical Engineering, Institute for Medical Engineering and Science & Koch Institute, MIT
Detection of SARS-CoV-2 with the CRISPR-based DETECTR Platform
Janice Chen, Ph.D.

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Mammoth Biosciences
Synthetic Biology -- Biology by Design
Jim Collins, Ph.D.

Termeer Professor of Medical Engineering & Science and Professor of Biological Engineering, MIT
Drug Repurposing for COVID-19 and the NCATS OpenData Portal
Matt Hall, Ph.D.
Acting Branch Chief, National Center for Advancing Translational Science
Applying AI to Accelerate Assay Development to Pandemic Speed
Imran Haque, Ph.D.
VP of Data Science, Recursion Pharmaceuticals
Testing Multiple Approaches to Decrease Sequencing Costs and Efficiently Distribute Sequencing Reads for Simultaneous Protein and mRNA Quantification at the Single Cell Level
Stefanie Mortimer, Ph.D.

Senior Director, BD Biosciences
The Journey from Chip to COVID
Allen Northrup, Ph.D.
Northrup Consulting Group
Developing a New Class of Cell Therapies at the Intersection of Synthetic Biology and Genome Engineering
Marcin Paduch, Ph.D.

Director of Technology Development, ArsenalBio
Kyle Siebenthall, Ph.D.
Platform Development Scientist, ArsenalBio
Vignettes of the COVID-19 Crisis Driving Sequencing Innovation
Keith Robison, Ph.D.
Principal Engineer, Ginkgo Bioworks
Identifying Regional Outbreak and Spread of COVID-19 from Population-wide Surveys
Eran Segal, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Computer Science, Weizmann Institute of Science
A Fully Automated Platform to Detect On-Target CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing
Olga Seltser, Ph.D.
Associate Director of Automation, Intellia Therapeutics
Ross Lagoy, Ph.D.
Automation Engineer, Intellia Therapeutics
Ultrasensitive Protein Assays for the COVID-19 Pandemic
David Walt, Ph.D.

Hansjörg Wyss Professor of Bioinspired Engineering, Harvard Medical School,
Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital


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Exhibition and Sponsorship Opportunities

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The SLAS event platform will provide a truly integrated exhibition experience for technology providers. No avatars or fake plants in our exhibit hall. Exhibitors: you are invited to demo a new or existing product, take questions, set up one-on-one video meetings with attendees, organize follow-up conversations or small group chat sessions after your presentation. Think of this as your new remote office with customers stopping by. No masks necessary and social distancing guidelines are guaranteed. 
Not ready to present a demo or tutorial but want to get out in front of the SLAS community? Sponsorship opportunities will also be available for a variety of platform features, paricipant giveaways and more. 
Contact: Colleen Campbell today.

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Scientific Program Organizers

Sammy Datwani, Ph.D., Consultant, SLAS Board Member
Zack Gurard-Levin, Ph.D., SAMDI Tech Inc.
Ira Hoffman, CEO, High-Res Biosolutions, SLAS Board Member
Ash Jogalekar, Ph.D., Strateos