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SLAS 2019 Advanced 3D Human Models and High-Content Analysis Symposium

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Just announced: This year's symposium will kick off with keynote speaker Jason Swedlow, Ph.D. and Professor of Quantitative Cell Biology at the Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression, (University of Dundee, Scotland). Swedlow will be presenting his group's latest findings on linking genotypes and phenotypes in IDR, and their proposals for next-generation data formats and public resources for imaging. View the complete program here.

There is increasing interest in the use of 3D systems in both discovery and applied research. But how appropriate or successful are the use of these systems in these areas and what still needs to be improved in order for such approaches to be more widely adopted? The SLAS 2019 Advanced 3D Human Models and High-Content Analysis Symposium focuses on four distinct, yet interrelated, aspects. You will hear from experts in their fields about current and near-future enabling technologies, applications of such systems in high-throughput screening, advances in imaging and analysis of data generated in these systems and the expansion into novel model systems. This symposium aims to include not just the current successes but also what the current limitations and opportunities are in this rapidly expanding field.

Benefits to attendees include:
•    Network with members of the global life sciences community
•    Compare and benchmark your operations against best practices
•    Learn about innovative technologies that will transform your practices
•    See examples of successful collaboration with external and internal partners
•    Grow professionally through presenting your work in a podium or poster presentation