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2018 SLAS Americas Sample Management Symposium Scientific Sessions

Small Molecules: Part 1 - Implementing New Technologies
Session Chair: Rose Gonzales, Pfizer
There are a number of new technologies being implemented in small molecule compound management laboratories in response to developments in target identification, new assay technologies, or the need to be better stewards of small molecule collections. This session is a sampling of such technologies and their implementation.

The following topics may be covered in this session:

  • DNA-encoded libraries, mixtures
  • Miniaturization technologies, liquid and solid sample handling
  • Replacement of compound management infrastructure

Biologics & New Modalities
Session Chair: Christine Glazier, Amgen
The research and development industry is making great strides toward standardizing and streamlining the management of a wide range of biologics. The needs for maintaining the integrity of these diverse samples are varied, and optimizing the handling so that every sample can be monitored and discovered is essential. This session will review some emerging trends in this area.

The following topics may be covered in this session:

  • Cell lines transport, re-generation, and identification
  • Peptides identification storage
  • DNA storage and ordering

Clinical & Biobanking
Session Chair: Kathi Shea, Brooks
Managing biospecimens from clinical trials and translational medicine studies requires some of the same infrastructure as other sample types, but also brings unique challenges and considerations. In this session we will compare and contrast different sample management models and discuss how to optimize the use of biospecimens through aligning the goals of clinical trial and translational medicine samples, thereby maximizing scientific outcomes.

The following topics may be covered in this session:

  • Establishing a biobank
  • Reuse of biospecimens
  • Patient-centered research approaches

Small Molecules: Part 2 - New Frontiers in Compound Management
Session Chair: Thomas Frech, Xavo
This session will be an exploration of new ideas incorporating emerging technologies as solutions to existing compound management challenges.

The following topics may be covered in this session:

  • Cloud computing services
  • Future drug discovery support