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2020 SLAS Building Biology in 3D Symposium

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Stay tuned! Registration for the SLAS 2020 Building Biology in 3D Symposium will open in August.

SLAS is committed to providing a safe meeting space, high-quality education and meaningful networking opportunities for all attendees, whether in person or on a virtual platform, as circumstances warrant. We look forward to convening in person but will do so only if we can provide a safe and appropriate meeting venue as well as suitable accommodations for travelers. The SLAS team is monitoring all aspects of event logistics and solidifying plans to enable alternative forms of knowledge sharing.

This two-day event at Scripps Research (Jupiter, FL, USA) will address the successes and limitations of using 3D systems in discovery and applied research while acknowledging the need for improvements to ensure widespread adoption.

Topics will include:

  • current and near-future enabling technologies,
  • applications of such systems in high-throughput screening,
  • advances in imaging and analysis of data generated
  • and the expansion into novel model systems.

Attendees will benefit from:

  • opportunities to discuss applications and best practices surrounding 3D systems in drug discovery processes with real-world case studies and examples,
  • a variety of hands-on and interactive sessions built upon up-to-the-minute research,
  • and networking opportunities to allow for informal knowledge sharing and idea generation.