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Three Named SLAS2017 New Product Award Winners

By The Lab Man
(AKA SLAS Director of Education Steve Hamilton)

Congratulations to Analytik Jena US, Avidien Technologies and infinitesimal for taking home honors in the SLAS2017 New Product Award Competition.

SLAS2017 was held Feb. 4-8 in Washington, DC and attracted more than 5,000 participants from 36 countries. This diverse collection of scientists, academicians, business leaders and students from around the globe benefitted from an extensive lineup of education, exploration and opportunities to connect with peers interested in charting the future of life sciences discovery and technology.

From the latest product offerings of more than 300 SLAS2017 exhibitors (and 40 entries in the New Product Awards Competition), three products were judged best of show. Judges evaluated the entries according to these criteria: market opportunity, impact, originality, proof of concept. SLAS congratulates the following winners!


Analytik Jena US for SmartExtraction
Interviewees: Ariane Jonetz-Mentzel and Ian Hanegraaff

SmartExtraction is a global innovation in nucleic acid extraction. The innovative technology does not require the use of phenol/chloroform, ion exchangers, filter columns, or filter plates, nor does it need suspensions of magnetic or paramagnetic particles to bind nucleic acids. The use of uniquely modified surfaces for the binding of nucleic acids (Smart Modified Surfaces) forms the basis of the technology developed by scientists at Analytik Jena. Along with its simple extraction process, the SmartExtraction technology also impresses in terms of the yield and quality of the isolated nucleic acids.

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Avidien Technologies for Avidien MicroPro 300 
Interviewee: Rich Cote

The MicroPro 300 is a compact 96/384 automated benchtop micro pipettor for multi-function pipetting (simple, repeat dispense, variable dispense, mix, aspiration, dilution) with an intuitive iPad touchscreen command interface with Bluetooth connectivity. The Pipetting Depth Recall or PDR function provides the user with the means to set, store and utilize a virtually unlimited number of containers with completely customizable depth settings. It utilizes touchless tip ejection, has the ability to save complex programs for multi-step assays and its small size allows use in a crowded lab or inside the hood.

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infinitesimal for NFP-E System 
Interviewees: Jonathon Prinz and Vincent Lemaitre

The NFP-E System is a fully automated single cell transfection technology for adherent cells. Its features include transfection of challenging cells which bulk transfection cannot adequately address, software and robotics for simple user operation, ability to be mounted on any inverted microscope and compatible with standard well plates (6, 12 and 24), targeted spatial positioning with localized application of an electric field, temporal probing allowing same cell to be transfected over time, low applied voltages (5-100 V) and no mechanical stress for highly efficient delivery and viability of cell and the opportunity to optimize key parameters freely or use pre-set menu.

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About the Author

The Lab Man is SLAS Education Director Steve Hamilton, Ph.D. He is a creative change maker, delivering the fresh thinking and energy that has helped make SLAS the go-to resource for those in life sciences discovery and technology. After years in the drug discovery world, heading many leading-edge automation projects for companies such as Eli Lilly, Scitec and Amgen, Hamilton joined the SLAS professional team in 2010. He received his Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from Purdue University and a B.S. in chemistry from Southeast Missouri State University.

February 23, 2017