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SLAS Grant Winner Accelerates Point-of-Care Concept for Rapid Identification of Bacterial Pathogens

Promising results in hours instead of days, eliminating bottlenecks in processing lab results and succeeding in getting the right diagnosis and quick treatment to prevent the spread of infection – delivering any of these would be a tall order for a seasoned researcher. Now a graduate student has the opportunity to help fill the bill thanks to support from the 2019 SLAS Graduate Education Fellowship Grant.


Level Up YOUR Science at SLAS2020

By Alan E. Fletcher, Ph.D.

As I was thinking about what to write for this month’s column, I went back to take a look at some of the answers I prepared for the SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood e-zine when first joining the SLAS Board of Directors in 2017. A network of like-minded scientists; share their experiences; leverage their collective knowledge; bridging technology and science; and stay current on new scientific and technology developments were among the phrases I used for what SLAS is and why it’s important to me. All that was only in my first couple of answers!


Ready to Serve the World: SLAS2019 Student Poster Winners Showcase Innovative Life Sciences Research

Inspiration and determination fuel the scholars who earned top honors in this year’s competition. As they unlock the secrets of infection control, disease detection and develop innovative platforms for research, the winners of the SLAS2019 Student Poster Competition draw deeply from their life experiences to excel in life sciences.