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New Droplet Technique Accelerates Automation of Single-Cell Exploration

An innovative lab-on-a-particle approach offers the precision of droplet microfluidics using standard laboratory equipment only. Researcher Joe de Rutte anticipates new opportunities for life sciences collaboration as this breakthrough allows researchers to more rapidly develop new biotechnology products. This work earned de Rutte the SLAS Innovation Award at SLAS2020 (San Diego, CA, USA).


SLAS Education for You: Anytime, Anywhere, Any Circumstance

By Emilio Diez Monedero, Ph.D.

There is no better time than this, when the world is facing extraordinary circumstances due to the pandemic caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), to highlight the importance of online applications that enable us to stay in contact, carry out many of our work activities and also continue with our self-training and education.


Crimmin, Hoffman and Spicer Step Up to the SLAS Board of Directors

A new year means three new incredible leaders join the SLAS Board of Directors. We welcome Sue Crimmin, Ph.D., Ira Hoffman, M.S. and Tim Spicer, Ph.D. to the Board at SLAS2020. Along with six current SLAS Board members, Crimmin, Hoffman and Spicer are committed to keeping SLAS moving forward on its mission to bring together researchers in academia, industry and government to advance life sciences discovery and technology via education, knowledge exchange and global community building.