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Chasing a Challenging Molecule: Innovative Tools for Carbohydrate Analysis Open Doors for Research

Glycobiology is at a pivotal point, driven by urgent needs for carbohydrate structure analysis that can advance initiatives such as development and management of a COVID-19 vaccine. The latest special issue from SLAS Technology, Carbohydrate Structure Analysis: Methods and Applications, reveals new techniques to examine these intricate molecules.


The Magic of SLAS

By Emilio Diez Monedero, Ph.D.

As I was reading the SLAS e-zine story on the growth of Andrew Alliance – a Waters Co., a statement from Piero Zucchelli really hit home. “It (SLAS2013) was a one-shot opportunity: the only physical event we could afford to attend.” His was a start-up company with great energy, desire and commitment to develop a solution, but its resources were limited. Piero knew that getting his product in front of our SLAS audience was his route to success.


Life Science Entrepreneurs Find Success Supporting Research Breakthroughs

Four tenacious technology developers create innovations for making workflows more efficient, fluent and connected. Learn how they leveraged their SLAS membership through the years to correct their mistakes, build new businesses, learn from their customers’ needs and deliver finished instruments and products to an enthusiastic audience, receiving not one but two SLAS New Product Awards.