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A New View of Engineering Innovations for Personalized Medicine

A special issue of SLAS Technology showcases the technology demands for personalized medicine and reveals how life sciences engineers approach the development cycle with the end user in mind to ensure translational opportunities. “Many times you create an innovative instrument that works perfectly in your lab and never really gets translated into use where it’s most needed,” says Claire Hur, Ph.D. “We need to make tools and techniques that the clinical technician or the patient can use – not just the Ph.D. student who developed it.”


SLAS CONNECTED: A Tool for Year-Round Networking

By Alan E. Fletcher, Ph.D.

Imagine it is a couple months after attending the SLAS International Conference and Exhibition. You’ve remembered a particularly impactful podium presentation you attended there, and you listen to it once again on APPLIED, the SLAS Online Learning Center. The ideas brought forward continue to intrigue you. You wish you were back at the conference so you could discuss these ideas with fellow participants.


SLAS Grant Winner Accelerates Point-of-Care Concept for Rapid Identification of Bacterial Pathogens

Promising results in hours instead of days, eliminating bottlenecks in processing lab results and succeeding in getting the right diagnosis and quick treatment to prevent the spread of infection – delivering any of these would be a tall order for a seasoned researcher. Now a graduate student has the opportunity to help fill the bill thanks to support from the 2019 SLAS Graduate Education Fellowship Grant.