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SLAS Graduate Education Fellowship Grant

The SLAS Education Fellowship Grant Program is now open for 2021. The SLAS Grant Program was introduced in 2015 to facilitate educational opportunities for outstanding students pursuing graduate degrees related to quantitative biosciences and/or life sciences R&D. This program helps to realize a fundamental tenet of SLAS’s mission: to advance the fields of laboratory science and technology by nurturing the next generation of professional scientists. 

Past Recipients

2020: Ulri Nicole Lee, University of Washington. 
2019: Carine Nemr, University of Toronto. Read more.
2018: Santosh Paidi, Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering. Read more.
2017: Julea Vlassakis, University of California Berkeley. Read more.
2016: Erik Werner, University of California Irvine. Read more.

SLAS will award one grant (up to $50,000) per year, for a maximum of two years, to qualified educational institutions on behalf of deserving students enrolled in a graduate program at that institution.

SLAS Graduate Education Fellowship Grant Timeline

July 2020 — Application Site Open

November 2, 2020 — Application Deadline

December 2020 — Awardee announced

Apply Now

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The student’s Primary Research Investigator or Mentor (or someone at the educational institution) will need to apply on behalf of the student. As part of the application process, the student will be asked to provide detailed information on their research project. Students – share this link to apply!

Eligibility Requirements

Program eligibility is limited to educational organizations and academic institutions that offer graduate degree programs related to quantitative biosciences and/or life sciences R&D. Only those organizations are eligible to apply for SLAS Graduate Education Fellowship Grants.  Student candidates are not eligible to apply for these Grants directly. Instead, the application must come from the candidate Student’s academic institution.

Information for Applicant Educational Organizations

An educational organization may apply for a Grant of up to $50,000.00 USD per year, per Student, for two (2) consecutive years.  If awarded a Grant, an educational organization must:

  • pay at least seventy percent (70%) of the Grant to the Student as a stipend;
  • pay the Student the stipend in equal monthly installments;
  • use no more than thirty percent (30%) of the Grant for a cost-of-education allowance, which may be used to cover such non-tuition fees as student health insurance, activity and service fees; and
  • for each year covered by the Grant, exempt the Student from paying tuition and other fees normally charged to students enrolled in similar graduate degree programs at the educational organization, unless  the tuition and other fees are optional or will be refunded.

The organization must NOT deduct facilities and administration overhead fees from the grant upon receipt.

There is no limitation on the number of Grants for which an otherwise eligible organization may apply and be awarded.

While an Eligible Organization may submit multiple Applications for a single student, typically once an Eligible Organization has been awarded a Grant for a particular student, the Eligible Organization will not be awarded a second Grant for that same student.  

Information for Students Seeking Grants

Students looking to benefit from a grant from this SLAS program must:

  • be in a graduate degree program related to quantitative biosciences and/or life sciences R&D administered by the educational organization;
  • as part of the graduate degree program conduct research related to quantitative biosciences and/or life sciences; and
  • produce, and provide to the SLAS, an original paper based on the Student’s graduate degree research suitable for publication in one of SLAS’s peer reviewed Journals, and submit a podium presentation abstract for the Society’s annual conference, and if selected, present.

For a detailed list of applicant prerequisites and consideration variables, see the Grant Program Mandatory Factors.

Members of the SLAS Education Fellowship Grant Review Panel, SLAS Awards and Grant Advisory Committee and the SLAS Board of Directors are not eligible to apply for this grant on behalf of a student within their research group or organization. Committee members must recuse themselves from evaluating applications from organizations/institutions they are affiliated with. 

Application Process

Applications are reviewed by the SLAS Professional Team for completeness, and then sent to the SLAS Education Fellowship Grant Panel and Awards and Grants Advisory Committee for final selection. Grants are awarded based on collective assessment of these committees and how they determine the most effective way to advance SLAS’s Exempt Purpose and the Program’s Objectives.   


Any questions regarding the SLAS Graduate Education Fellowship Grant Program can be directed to Elizabeth Frank, Program Manager, 630-256-7527, ext. 102 or Program Policies and Procedures can be viewed here.