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Nominations Committee Charter


Committee / Task Force / Council Name

Nominations Committee (NomCom)

Last Updated

August 11, 2017

Mission / Charge

The Nominations Committee is a Standing Committee. Any changes to its Mission, Deliverables, Level of Authority, or Composition require a change to the SLAS Bylaws. The Nominations Committee shall be responsible for soliciting, qualifying, and nominating individuals for election to the Board. In making each nomination, the Nominations Committee shall seek individuals who possess the requisite backgrounds, education, training and experience that will best serve the Society’s interest as detailed in Section of the SLAS Bylaws. The Nominations Committee shall make nominations within the time period specified by the Bylaws, the Board, or, if not specified by the Bylaws or the Board, at least thirty (30) days prior to the anticipated election date. In addition to the foregoing duties and responsibilities, the Nominations Committee shall perform such other duties and responsibilities as the Board shall assign from time to time. The specific nomination process shall be set forth in a policy determined by the Board, which policy shall not be inconsistent with the Bylaws or the Articles of Incorporation.

Specific Deliverables

The Nominations Committee shall be responsible for soliciting, qualifying, and nominating individuals for election to the Board.

Level of Authority

The Nominations Committee recommends a slate of candidates for open Board positions to the Board of Directors.

Other Committees/TF’s/Councils with Which This Group Interacts

Board of Directors

Number of Members, Terms & Rotation

The Nominations Committee shall be composed of no less than seven (7) individuals, all of whom shall be Members of the Society and shall be appointed by the Board. An individual shall not be eligible to serve as a member of the Nominations Committee after serving three (3) consecutive one (1) year terms, until after he/she has been off the Nominations Committee for at least two (2) years.

Desired Member Skills

Nominations Committee members will be dues-paying members, active participants in the Society and be willing to serve and represent SLAS as involved leaders. They will have a broad understanding of the goals and work of the Society and have served as a recent, active volunteer. They will have a strong professional network that they can draw upon for potential candidates.

Type & Frequency of Meetings

All meetings are held via conference call and generally begin in March of each year. Meetings are monthly unless additional meetings are needed.



Staff Liaison

Vicki Loise, CMP, CAE Chief Executive Officer