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The SLAS Strategic Planning Process

About the 2017-21 SLAS Strategic Plan

To ensure SLAS remains forward-looking and aligned with the changing needs of our members and the global life sciences markets, the Society regularly conducts an organizational Strategic Planning Process. Commissioned approximately every three-to-five years, the SLAS Strategic Plan process includes validating the SLAS Mission and Vision, reaffirming our audiences and purpose, and developing an actionable plan to ensure the Society delivers maximum value to our members and stakeholders, while simultaneously positioning SLAS to successfully deliver on its mission well into the future.

In 2016, a committee of the Society’s volunteer leaders and professional team members convened to develop the latest iteration of the SLAS Strategic Plan. The diverse geographic and demographic composition of the Planning Committee ensured that the process embraced all of the Society’s major segments and considered the unique needs of global SLAS community, both for today and into the foreseeable future.

Following months of thoughtful planning, friendly debate and continual refinement, the resulting plan functions as a guide for decision-making as well as a framework to measure progress against objectives. This plan is intentionally dynamic in order to keep pace with the quickly-evolving life sciences market and related member needs, while still possessing enough rigor to feature short-term objectives, milestones and metrics.

Your feedback about the SLAS Strategic Plan and development process is important and appreciated. Please share your thoughts by email ( or telephone (+1.630.256.7527). Thank You.

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The 2017-21 SLAS Strategic Plan Committee:

Volunteer Leadership
Scott Atkin
Michele Cleary
Emilio Diez
Richard Eglen
Peter Grandsard
Hansjoerg Haas
Sue Lunte
Ian Shuttler
Sabeth Verpoorte

Professional Team Members
Brenda Dreier
Nan Hallock
Steve Hamilton
Tom Manning