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This blog chronicles my travels as CEO of SLAS, a global professional society dedicated to advancing life sciences discovery and technology. In addition to getting to know me better on a personal level, my goal for this blog is to shine a spotlight on SLAS members and their unique stories and experiences. Opinions expressed within this blog are mine (Vicki Loise) and do not represent those of the Society. And yes, our lawyer told me to include that.

September 25, 2017 — Madrid, Spain

SLAS High-Content Screening Conference + SDDN 2017, Madrid

About the Trip

Miles logged on this trip: 20,030

Planes, trains or automobiles?: Planes

Road food: Jamon and paella of course!

Entertainment: I binge watched Billions on my flight home. My husband and I are fans and I have had withdrawals since last season ended.

Greetings from the beginning of a series of trips to Europe on behalf of SLAS. This trip was to Madrid for the SLAS High-Content Screening Conference that took place September 19-20 and was followed by our partner SDDN’s Annual Meeting.

This event gave me a chance to meet with another sector of the SLAS community. Those working in high-content screening in Europe were very engaged at this meeting. The content was outstanding thanks to the committee: Dr. Maria Montoya, conference chair, head of Cellomics Unit, Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares (CNIC); Dr. Marc Bickle, conference co-chair, head of the Technology Development Studio at Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics; Dr. Elaine del Nery, conference co-chair, BioPhenics Facility High Content Screening and Phenotyping Fingerprinting at Institut Curie; and Dr. Thierry Dorval, High-Content Screening group leader at Servier – France.

HCS 2017Many sessions were standing room only, with vital Q&A
between audience members and presenters.

The session on 3D models was so lively with discussion, it had to be wrapped up while many still had questions and outstanding points to discuss. The session spilled into a break where that lively conversation continued. All of this is to say what a great topic we’ve chosen for the 2018 SLAS Advanced 3D Human Models and High-Content Analysis Conference 2018 in Leiden next fall. There was a lot of buzz about the upcoming SLAS meeting. Credit goes to Leo Price who proposed the event and will serve as its chair. The program is already shaping up well and we expect an even more vibrant event next year.

Speaking of buzz, early indications are there is quite a bit of enthusiasm for SLAS’s first pan-European conference in Brussels next June. The 2018 Europe Conference will take place June 27-29 in the heart of Brussels. This meeting has been five years in the making. It was the goal of the first five years of SLAS’s growth plan in Europe to hold an event such as this. And if early excitement is any indication—it will continue on an annual basis. HCS attendees and exhibitors alike are looking forward to the meeting and are making their plans now to secure their spot.

SLAS’s commitment to growth in Europe has been a significant investment for almost five years, an affirmation that we are serious about being a truly global Society. Our commitment to this growth won’t end after the Europe Conference next year. We will continue to hold regional events, enter into mutually beneficial partnerships and produce an annual meeting that brings together the entire SLAS European community.

Next up, ELRIG in Liverpool