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This blog chronicles my travels as CEO of SLAS, a global professional society dedicated to advancing life sciences discovery and technology. In addition to getting to know me better on a personal level, my goal for this blog is to shine a spotlight on SLAS members and their unique stories and experiences. Opinions expressed within this blog are mine (Vicki Loise) and do not represent those of the Society. And yes, our lawyer told me to include that.

October 20, 2017 — Massachusetts and Maine

A Colorful Visit to New England

About the Trip

Miles logged on this trip: 1,933

Planes, trains or automobiles?: Planes and automobiles

Road food: Lobster in Maine. Cheaper than some hamburgers in Chicago .

Entertainment: That drive through New England is all the entertainment I needed.

Sometimes you get lucky with when travel is scheduled. This trip was one of those times.

I started the week in Hopkinton, MA to visit PerkinElmer where Alan Fletcher served as my host. Alan gave me a terrific overview of PerkinElmer and its history followed by a facility tour to experience both the manufacturing and development sides of their business. There is plenty of space to grow. Alan was able to show off PerkinElmer’s diverse suite of products, and their process development—a significant showing for a global company. In between we managed to squeeze in a review of SLAS’s proposed 2018 budget (Alan is a member of the SLAS Board of Directors). It was a very productive first half of a Monday.

The lucky part came when I drove from Hopkinton to Kennebunk during the peak of fall colors in New England. In Kennebunk I was treated to a full facility tour at the Corning Life Sciences manufacturing facility and hosted by Richard Eglen, Jim Davis and Kimberly Titus.


Jim led the tour of the manufacturing facility. Watching the production of everything from microplates to pipettes was fascinating. For me, the highlight of the trip was entering Corning’s Applied Chemistry Lab and being greeted by six scientists – five of whom were women! They led me through some of their current work including developments to support brain cancer research. We wrapped up the day by talking about what Corning receives from their relationship with SLAS and what else we might provide to make their work better and jobs easier.

Hearing how we might help you is of great interest to me. If there is something SLAS is providing that is having a positive impact on your work, please let me know. We use this information in our planning process and would like to be able to share your stories. Likewise, if there is a gap that you think SLAS can fill, send me a note. I can be reached at

Next up, I stay home and the Board comes to town.