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Manuela Beil-Peter

Director Business Sector Liquid Handling and Automation
Analytik Jena AG, Germany

Manuela Beil-Peter

SLAS connects people, science and technology with the goal to enhance knowledge transfer and education around the world. I have been attending SLAS conferences from the beginning of my career in US and smaller ones around the globe.

When I joined the European Industry Advisory Committee in 2012, I learned about the insights, philosophy and goals of SLAS and realized how proud I was to be part of this community and how excited I was to help build a similar footprint in Europe. Shortly after joining SLAS, I helped form the Sample Management Special Interest Group (SIG) at the European Sample Management Symposium, a small but intensive meeting combining topics and news from the pharma and academic community. I was also involved in the planning of the first SLAS European Conference and Exhibition where I chaired a session that brought people from different backgrounds and companies together with the goal to share experiences with different forms of research automation.

My vision for SLAS is to follow our current path but an even greater emphasis on helping our community connect the dots between technology and science. I envision SLAS community members from all different backgrounds learning from one another with the goal of serving our world with affordable, effective treatments of illnesses, personalized medicine and therapies. I firmly believe that the SLAS footprint will grow and I hope to contribute to expanding the visibility and influence of SLAS into all life sciences and technology fields.