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Jonathan O'Connell, Ph.D.

Vice President, Early Discovery and Technology
Valo Health, USA

Jonathan O’Connell

I have been a very active member of the SLAS community for many years and was also very active with the Society for Biomolecular Sciences (SBS) beforehand. I am passionate about the future of SLAS and have held multiple volunteer roles since the very first SLAS International Conference and Exhibition. I chaired both the Knowledge Content and Delivery Council (KCDC) and Americas Scientific Program Committee (ASPC) for two years and was asked to co-chair KCDC again in 2020. Additionally, I was, along with Aaron Wheeler, the SLAS2013 International Conference and Exhibition Co-Chair. In addition, I have chaired the Scientific Program Advisory Committee (SPAC) and multiple SLAS International Conference and Exhibition sessions and tracks and have also presented numerous sessions at past conferences.

My role as chair of the KCDC has demonstrated my ability to influence multiple aspects of SLAS: I’m not afraid to speak up, raise challenging topics or actively participate in discussion. My career has been focused on a number of core aspects of SLAS, from screening, automation and compound management to assay design, drug discovery, informatics and target validation. I feel as though it is important to grow SLAS community influence and to maintain a focus on cutting edge science and technology, but not lose sight of our roots.

I am very invested in SLAS and would value the opportunity to influence the future evolution of SLAS. As a recognized leader in both pharma and biotech – and now driving the combination of AI with empirical data generation at scale – I feel that I can contribute to the SLAS Board of Directors and influence with relevant and current perspectives.