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2020 SLAS Board of Directors Slate

In accordance with SLAS Policy, the SLAS Nomination Committee is hereby endorsing the following individuals to fill the open Board positions at the SLAS2020 International Conference and Exhibition in San Diego, January 25-29, 2020:


Sue Crimmin
Sue Crimmin, Ph.D.
Ira Hoffman
Ira Hoffman
HighRes Biosolutions


Pursuant to Policy, if no valid petition nominating alternate candidates is received prior to October 16, 2019, these three individuals will be moved forward to the Board in accordance with SLAS Bylaws for official acclamation.

If you have any questions regarding this Policy or SLAS Board election protocol in general, please contact SLAS CEO, Vicki Loise, at 312.256.7527 x100 or

We look forward to seeing you at one of our fall symposia or in San Diego at SLAS2020!

With kind regards,

SLAS Nominating Committee

Robyn Rourick, Genentech - Chair
Alastair Binne, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Sue Lunte, The University of Kansas
Christian Parker, Novartis
Burkhard Schaefer, BSN Software & Consulting
Ute Vespermann, Corning Life Sciences
Ali Zarringpar, University of Florida